Walk Information:

Potter Heigham Riverbank - Repps


2.4km (1.49 Miles) Time: 45 Minutes Time Started: 14:35
Ascent: 0m (0ft) Highest Point: N/A
Weather: Mostly Cloudy Walkers: Kay
Comments: A short walk starting at Potter Heigham bridge heading south along the River Thurne to Repps Staithe and then back along the same path.
Open fields on the left hand side of the path as we head down the River Thurne to Repps Staithe. The church in the distance is Repps parish church.
A view up the River Thurne to Herbert Woods boatyard.
Another view up the river but this time from nearer Repps Staithe. You can see how high the water is by looking at the quay heading in the bottom right!
The iconic 'Helter Skelter' house along the River Thurne.
The view down the river - not many people on the water today.
Well, the sky has cleared and its time to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine! Just the other side of the house over there is the A149.
The sun burning through the clouds.
Back down at Potter Heigham with a lovely shot of the sunlit Medieval Bridge - dating from 1385. Famous for its low height.
A close up of Potter Heigham Bridge.
Swans in front of Herbert Woods cottages.
This dyke drains the fields between the minor road we are following and the A149.
Lovely colourful flowers on the way home.
A beautiful red rose.