Walk Information:

Potter Heigham Bridge - River Thurne - High's Drainage Mill - Candle Dyke - Potter Heigham Bridge


5.0km (3.1 Miles) Time: 2 Hours Time Started: 14:00
Ascent: 5m (16ft) Highest Point: N/A
Weather: Sunny & Warm    
Comments: A short walk along the River Thurne to the quiet and tranquil Candle Dyke.
A very calm River Thurne (having lived here for the last 20+ years I can say it is rare for it to be like this). Just in the distance is the lovely ruin of St Peter's Chapel.
Looking up the River Thurne in the direction of Somerton and Martham.
A reflection of High's Drainage Mill.
High's Drainage Mill.
Moss on the wall along the Thurne.
A grass snake - in the grass.
Martham Level Drainage Mill.
Reed beds along Candle Dyke.
A beautiful scene here and Candle Dyke today.
Black and white shot over Heigham Holmes to Heigham Holmes Drainage Mill.
The river towards Heigham Sound.
The long straight track that takes you back to the Staithe.
A small lizard on the floor along the track.