Walk Information:

Stokesby Staithe - Whitegate Farm - Much Fleet - Commission Drainage Mill - Stokesby Staithe


7.30km (4.53 Miles) Time: 2 Hours 20 Minutes Time Started: 18:00
Ascent: 20m (66ft) Highest Point: N/A
Weather: Sunny Walkers: Kay
Comments: This is a lovely walk through the countryside around Stokesby. Nearly all of it is on footpaths and avoids the roads. Free Parking and mooring at the staithe.
Stokesby Staithe and Car Park at the very start of the walk.
Looking up the River Bure.
Stokesby village sign.
On walking through the fields towards Muck Fleet we came across a small field full of sunflowers and wild flowers which was lovely!
Sunflowers in the field.
Wild flowers too!
Checking the photos as I cross the bridge over Muck Fleet (which is the small dyke).
Muck Fleet.
A deer in the next field.
Its getting late now! The sun is starting to set.
A nice sunset this evening.
Norfolk is blessed to have good sunsets.
Commission Drainage Mill just on the River Bure.
Stokesby Ferry Inn.