Walk Information:

Swaffham Ecotech Centre & Castle Acre


3.2km (1.99 Miles) Time: 6 Hours Time Started: 11:00
Ascent: 80m (262ft) Highest Point: N/A
Weather: Sunny Walkers: Kay, James
Comments: Todays trip out saw us going to the EcoTech Centre at Swaffham and then onto Castle Acre for a look around the castle and priory ruins.
The wind turbine at the EcoTech Centre with the viewing platform at the top (about 60m up).
As it's June most of the flowers were out creating a lovely colourful scene.
A great sense of feeling small...
About to hed up to the top now...
And what a view it is from the platform. One of the best in Norfolk with nothing to restrict the view in any direction.
A viw to the east to the other large turbine.
And a view north - Castle Acre is just over there which is where we are heading next.
See. Thats the earthwork and stone remains of Castle Acre.
Swaffham Church.
And a close up of the other turbine in one of the previous shots.
Back down - time to head to Castle Acre.
The HUGE bank and ditch around the Castle ruins.
The Castle Ruins.
Following the path into the castle.
The castle ruins with the EcoTech Centre wind turbine in the far distance - we were there earlier!
The Bailey Gate.
And the Priory Gate.
The stunning ruins of Castle Acre Priory.
A photograph of a photographer at work.
The Undercroft.
The Cloister.
The beautiful sunlit ruins of the Priory.
And a final wide shot of the ruins.