Walk Information:

Clappersgate - Todd Crag (210m/689ft) - Clappersgate


2.6km (1.61 Mile) Time: 45 Minutes Time Started: 19:00
Ascent: 177m (580ft) Highest Point: Todd Crag (220m/722ft)
Weather: Mostly Sunny Walkers: James
Comments: A lovely evening walk to Todd Crag - in my opinion the best viewpoint for Windermere.
5 Minutes from the car and your above the rooftops looking over the lake.
A view towards Latterbarrow.
Another couple of minutes and you at the second viewpoint - but still not the best...
Looks like some bad weather is enroute.
Windermere from the very top of Todd Crag.
Time to head down if we dont want to get caught in the rain!