Walk Information:

Kentmere - Garburn Pass - Yoke (35) (706m/2316ft) - Ill Bell (36) (757m/2483ft) - Froswick (37) (720m/2362ft)Thornthwaite Crag (38) (784m/2572ft)High Street (39) (828m/2716ft) Mardale Ill Bell (40) (760m/2493ft) - Nan Bield Pass - Harter Fell (41) (778m/2552ft)Kentmere Pike (42) (730m/2395ft)Shipman Knotts (43) (597m/1958ft) - Kentmere


22.6km (14.04 Miles) Time: 7 Hours 30 Minutes Time Started: 09:30
Ascent: 1425m (4675ft) Highest Point: High Street (828m/2716ft)
Weather: Thick Cloud - Base at 200m Walkers: James
Comments: A grand days walk (although with no views) around the Kentmere Horseshoe taking in the highest peak in the Far Eastern Fells; High Street.
This photo shows how extensive the views were today... This is the Garburn Road.
Badger Rock - I think this is a good place for bouldering.
A small beck running off the fellside.
Almost at the top of the pass which is where we turn north and up to Yoke.
Reaching the snowline.
About 10inches deep here...
More snow along the path.
Considering its February - there isn't much snow around...
Yoke summit.
Following the path along the ridge and up to High Street.
It was great walking in the snow today.
A hint of blue sky!
High Street summit.