A short steep walk up to Raven Crag on the way back from walking up Castle Crag in Borrowdale.


Date: 26th February 2009 Ascent (m/ft): 325m (1066ft)
  Start Location: Thirlmere Dam Highest Point: Raven Crag (461m/1512ft)
  Time Started: 13:50 Parking: Roadside at Thirlmere Dam
  Duration: 2 Hours Weather: Cloudy

3.27km - 2.03 Miles

Difficulty: Easy
Thirlmere Dam - Raven Crag (51) (461m/1512ft) - Castle Crag Fort (421m/1381ft) - Thirlmere Dam
Thirlmere from the start of the walk.
Raven Crag.
Another photo of Raven Crag from one of the tracks.

Tall pine trees along the path.

Clough Head and Calfhow Pike from Raven Crag.
The long view down Thirlmere from the summit.
Great How and Thirlmere.
One last view down the full length of the lake.
Iron Crag to the left with Skiddaw in cloud in the background. This photo was taken from the Iron Age Hillfort on Castle Crag just behind Raven Crag.