A quick walk up to the excellent viewpoint of Todd Crag with one of the most colourful skies I have ever seen!


Date: 27th February 2009 Ascent (m/ft): 183m (600ft)
  Start Location: Clappersgate Highest Point: Todd Crag (220m/722ft)
  Time Started: 18:00 Parking: Roadside at Clappersgate
  Duration: 1 Hour Weather: Partly Cloudy

3.0km (1.86 Miles)

Difficulty: Easy
Clappersgate - Todd Crag (210m/689ft) - Clappersgate
Beautifully coloured skies from the first viewpoint.
Lake Windermere.
Looking over towards Latterbarrow.

Windermere from the second view point.

Windermere from Todd Crag with stunning colours.
I think theres a storm en-route.
Windermere as we start our decent.
Silhouette on the craggy skyline.