A short, rather wet walk to High Tove and Armboth Fell.


Date: 12th November 2009
Start Location: Armboth
Time Started: 10:05
Duration: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Distance: 6.55km - 4.07 Miles
Ascent (m/ft): 551m (1807ft)
Highest Point: High Tove (515m/1689ft)
Parking: Armboth Car Park
Weather: Cloudy - Base around 500m
Difficulty: Moderate
Armboth Car Park - High Tove (92) (515m/1689ft) - Armboth Fell (93) (479m/1571ft) - Fisher Crag (421m/1381ft) - Armboth Car Park
Great How and Clough Head from the start of the climb.
Following the edge of the forest.
Cockrigg Crags.
Mist and rain creeping in.
From here on the cloud decended as we walked to the summit.
Summit cairn now in view, not far now.
The cloud lifted as soon at we reached the cairn so we had a little bit of a view.
The view west.
And south towards Eagle Crag.
Armboth Fell summit. What you cant see here is the amount of water under the grass. Lets just say wet feet all round!
High Seat.
Sitting on the summit of Armboth Fell with a view back to High Tove.
Raven Crag.
Onlt a couple of stone marking the top of Armboth Fell.
Fisher Crag.
Fisher Crag summit cairn.
We had to sit on Fisher Crag for around 20 minutes just to get this photo, but the view is fantastic. Another angle can be seen from Raven Crag nearby.
A photo just to show how high Thirlmere was today, the trees to the left are usually by the shore... So about 5ft higher... Maybe more...