A nice length walk up to Skiddaw via The Edge.


Date: 13th November 2009 Ascent (m/ft): 1022m (3352ft)
  Start Location: Over Water Highest Point: Skiddaw (931m/3053ft)
  Time Started: 10:00 Parking: Small Carpark at Overwater
  Duration: 4 Hours 30 Minutes Weather: Partly Cloudy
  Distance: 13.3km - 8.26 Miles Difficulty: Difficult
Nr Bassenthwaite - The Edge - Ullock Pike (94) (680m/2231ft) - Longside Edge - Long Side (95) (734m/2408ft) Carl Side (746m/2447ft) - Skiddaw (931m/3054ft) - Bakestall (96) (673m/2208ft) - Birkett Edge - Whitewater Dash - Cumbria Way - Nr Bassenthwaite
Binsey from the start of the walk just by the small car park.
Our route up to Skiddaw follows the long ridge you can see in the picture. The fell in the centre is Ullock Pike with Longside to the left.
The parking area is great for this walk as you have very little distance to walk to get back, but involves a lengthier start.
Ullock Pike and The Edge getting ever closer. This section through the farmland is enjoyable with the towering Skiddaw high on your left. Its great knowing you'll be walking up there soon.
The path up to the edge.
Bassenthwaite Lake from the start of the long ascent.
And the same view from higher up.
A nearby windfarm, with Criffel in Scotland behind. The visibility isn't great today which is a shame.
Bassenthwaite Lake with another distant windfarm out on the Solway Firth.
This whole section to the walk is dominated by Skiddaw to the east, but the eye always works its way round to the lake, and with a view like this who can blame you!
Looking down The Edge to Binsey.
And looking up! Still a way to go yet!
The pyramid that is Grisedale Pike and the North Western Fells - the highest being Crag Hill in the centre.
The path leading up Ullock Pike.
Looking down The Edge from near the summit of Ullock Pike.
An almost full length shot of Bassenthwaite lake.
Skiddaw and the end of Southerndale to the east. This walk took me up the path you can just make out leading up the steep slope to the right.
Patchy rain about today - thankfully we were never in it.
Dramatic skies over Derwent Water from Ullock Pike.
Dodd from Ullock Pike.
A rainbow behind Ullock Pike.
Longside summit cairn.
Now over to Carl Side. Skiddaw Little Man to the left behind Carl Side.
Carl Side Summit cairn with Skiddaw behind. Our route followed the steep path up to the left.
Derwent Water from Carl Side.
The Newlands Valley with Dale Head at the end.
Our route of ascent over Ullock Pike and Longside.
The very steep path up to Skiddaw.
Skiddaw Summit not far away now.
Back O'Skiddaw.
Skiddaw Summit.
The view down to Bassenthwaite lake.
Skiddaw trig col and Blencathra. From here we followed the path north over the top of Skiddaw and down the other side towards Bakestall. The route is simple - follow the fence!
The path gently rising up to Bakestall.
Bakestall summit cairn. From here we turned east towards Whitewater Dash.
Lonscale Pike.
Skiddaw House YHA - one of the most remote in the Lake District.
Whitewater Dash.
Following the route near Dash Beck all the way back to Over Water. The track to the left is the track we took to get back to the car park.
Whitewater Dash (Dash Falls).