A short walk to Skelwith Force after little recent rain.


Date: 16th May 2010
Start Location: Skelwith Bridge
Time Started: 10:30
Duration: 15 Minutes
Distance: 0.66km - 0.41 Miles
Ascent (m/ft): 8m (26ft)
Highest Point: Skelwith Force (55m/180ft)
Parking: Roadside at Skelwith Bridge
Weather: Overcast
Difficulty: Easy
Skelwith Bridge - Skelwith Force - Skelwith Bridge
The top of the waterfall.
Lookin up river to the new bridge.
Hardly any water flowing today.
The water was so low that it was easy to get further away from the waterfall and get a wider picture.
Looking down river.
A last view of the falls before heading back.