Experiencing some wintery showers in Eagle and Sergeant's Crag.


Date: 1st December 2011 Ascent (m/ft): 771m (2530ft)
  Start Location: Stonethwaite Highest Point: Sergeant's Crag (571m/1873ft)
  Time Started: 12:00 Parking: Stonethwaite
  Duration: 3 Hours 45 Minutes Weather: Cloudy, Windy - Wintery Showers

9.73km - 6.04 Miles

Difficulty: Moderate
Stonethwaite - Greenup Gill - Eagle Crag - Sergeants Crag - Bull Crag - Langstrath - Blea Rock - Stonethwaite
Eagle Crag, at the head of Greenup and Langstrath Valleys.
The view back along Greenup Gill to Stonethwaite.
And again from higher up. The weather forecast stated rain will fall as snow above 500m so we're nearly there. Our route up to the top followed the easy scramble up Heron Crag on the west side of the fell.
Borrowdale from the summit of Eagle Crag.
High Raise, Sergeant's Crag and some wintery showers to the right.
Sergeant's Crag summit cairn.
Crinkle Crags (in cloud), Bowfell and Esk Pike (in cloud) from Sergeant's Crag. Our route down followed the very steep side of the valley just past Bull Crag to the south.
That was an interesting descent having slipped numerous times because it was so steep and wet! At least we made it to Langstrath Beck in one piece.
The view back up to the lower summit of Bowfell at the end of Langstrath.
Sergeant's Crag and Blea Rock.
The northern stretch of Langstrath.
Cascades on Langstrath Beck.
A quick snap of Galleny Force - need to come back in the future with a tripod to get a better shot.