Saas Fee - Switzerland
6th - 13th February 2011 Activities: Skiing
This years winter holiday took me to Switzerland and the lovely Saas Valley for a bit of Skiing. Next time I go to Switzerland (or any other place in the Alps for that matter!) I think I'm going to have to take my crampons and ice axe to summit a couple of the 3000m+ mounains and ski for a couple of days too! I was dying to get up on those summits!!
A break in the clouds from 30,000ft!
Stunning mountains on the way to Saas Fee. From left to right they are: Le Luisis (2786m/9140ft), Pointe du Djoua (2276m/7467ft) and Dent du Salantin (2482m/8143ft)
The Fletschhorn (3,993m/13,100ft) to the far left and next to that is the Lagginhorn (4,010/13,156ftm) and then the Weissmies (4,017m/13,179ft) on the other side of the valley.
The Dom (4,545m/14,911ft) on the left and the Lenzspitze (4,294m/14,088ft)
The Fletschhorn (3,993m/13,100ft) and the Lagginhorn (4,010m/13,156ftm) above Saas Grund. We have the option of skiing over there as our lift pass covers that area too.
The Allalinhorn (4,027m/13,212ft) standing proud above the piste.
Taschhorn (4,491m/14,734ft) and the Dom (4,545m/14,911ft)
The mighty Taschhorn (4,491m/14,734ft) the Dom (4,545m/14,911ft) and Lenzspitze (4,294m/14,088ft). What I can say right now is one day I will be on top of those mountains - I don't know when but I will...
Saas Fee down below with the Lagginhorn and Weissmies towering above. The peak over to the right is called Pizzo d'Andolla (3,653m/11,985ft)
The glacier below Langfluehutte with deep cravasses.
The Dom from Saas Fee.
This photo was taken from the other side of the Saas valley when we went to the skiing area above Saas Grund. The views back to the Dom and Allalinhorn were superb.
Alphubel (4,206m/13,799ft) above a cravassed glacier.
A close up of the Taschhorn, Dom, Lenzspitze and the Nadelhorn (4,327/14,196ft)
Close up of the Ulrichshorn (3,925m/12,887ft)
The Jegihorn (3,206m/10,518ft)
The beautiful Lagginhorn.
The Dom from the piste at about 3200m.
The Dom.
The Dom from Saas Fee.
Beautiful blue skies today with some cloud build up to the north near the Eiger.
A lovely snowy ridge leading to a peak with several of the Swis 4000ers behind.
Almalgellerhorn (3327m) and the Nollenhorn (3185m)
The ridge of Mettel Allalin - The Lagginhorn and Weismies behind.
The Allalinhorn and the piste from 3500m.
The highest revolving restaurant in the world at 3500m above sea level.
Alphubel (4206m)
Statues inside the largest Ice Pavillion in the world.
The Dom with some cloud on the top.
Taking an afternoon off skiing and heading up the lift on the side of Mallig. We are about 2300m here looking to the main skiing area.
A fair amount of snow has melted since we got here nearly a week ago... This shot is towards the Almagellerhorn.
Lovely colours above the Allalinhorn - it looks like a rainbow or something.