A wet and windy day just south of Ennerdale Water.


Date: 30th November 2011 Ascent (m/ft): 680m (2231ft)
  Start Location: Blakeley Moss Highest Point: Lank Rigg 541m/1775ft)
  Time Started: 11:30 Parking: Roadside
  Duration: 3 Hours 35 Minutes Weather: Very Windy - Showers - Hail

13.3km - 8.26 Miles

Difficulty: Difficult
Blakeley Moss - Grike (193) - Crag Fell (194) - Whoap - Lank Rigg (195) - Whoap Beck - Blakeley Moss
Kinniside Stone Circle just a couple of hundred metres away. It was restored in 1925 but archaeologists are unsure if it was original and not just a modern fake.
Dent and the Cumbrian Coastline.
Vast areas of conifers have been removed from the fellside.
Looking down to Lankrigg Moss.
The summit of Grike.
Crag Fell from within the shelter on Grike. The wind had really picked up when we were on here, and to make things worse the rain started.
Crag Fell summit cairn.
Ennerdale Water from Crag Fell. This was the best view we got from this fell as the cloud descended on us for the next half hour or so.
Lank Rigg summit cairn and Trig Col.
Whoap Beck. The route we took in the footpath you can see heading along the valley.
Parts of the ancient settlement just by Whoap Beck.
And a last look back up to Lank Rigg (Whoap to the left).