Time for a quick outing on the fells this morning before work, and seeing as I didn't get up on these fells last time I did the Coledale Horseshoe, I thought them to be perfect for a morning like this.


Date: 9th January 2012 Ascent (m/ft): 625m (2051ft)
  Start Location: Uzzicar Highest Point: Scar Crags (672m/2205ft)
  Time Started: 09:10 Parking: Car Park at Uzzicar
  Duration: 2 Hours 10 Minutes Weather: Windy, Showers - Clearing

8.06km - 5.01 Miles

Difficulty: Moderate
Uzzicar - Stoneycroft - Sleet Hause - Causey Pike - Scar Crags - High Moss - Stonycroft Gill - Uzzicar
I've wanted to walk these two fells again for a while (ever since Sept 09) when I though the scramble down Causey Pike was great and I wanted to go up the rocks. Today was the day and the weather to begin with was pretty poor as it rained most of the way up Sleet Hause.
This photo was taken from the same place but looking to Hindscarth rather than Barrow.
The same view looking down to Newlands as I start the approach to Causey Pike.
Derwent Water with nearly all the surrounding fells (including Causey Pike at this point) shrouded in cloud.
The wet rocky scramble just below the summit of Causey Pike.
Would you look at that! 50 Minutes to the top of Causey Pike (30 minutes of rain) and I timed it so the cloud broke as soon as I got to the top! This view looking to a cloud covered Skiddaw and Blencathra.
The thick cloud slowly clearing off Dale Head, Hindscarth and Robinson.
Scar Crags (the next fell of the walk), Sail and Crag Hill. Coledale Hause is the depression to the right.
Looking down to Rowling End and the path I took to ascend to this point clearly visible heading diagonally up the fellside. The view from Causey Pike does offer a grand profile view of Catbells as seen in the photo.
Causey Pike summit cairn.
Blue skies high above.
Time to head across to Scar Crags in the sunshine.
The path up to Scar Crags on the left and an escape route down to High Moss to the right.
Sun beams lighting up the Newlands Valley.
A view back to Causey Pike.
Outside to the very left, Stile End and Barrow with the Stonycroft Gill path heading from left to right.
Scar Crags summit cairn.
Causey Pike and Catbells from Scar Crags.
Sail and Crag Hill. Doesn't the 'Fix the Fells' effort up Sail look horrible...
Hopegill Head and Grisedale Pike with Force Crag Mine far below.
Force Crag Mine.
Low Force next to the mine falling down Force Crag.
My path down towards Uzzicar along Stonycroft Gill.
One final view up to a silhouetted Causey Pike.