Ive been aiming to get out after work for a week or so now and today the weather was perfect for it. A gentle breeze and some lovely sunshine... way better than the heavy rain we've had recently!


Date: 17th June 2012 Ascent (m/ft): 502m (1647ft)
  Start Location: Braithwaite Highest Point: Outerside (568m/1864ft)
  Time Started: 17:07 Parking: Roadside at Braithwaite
  Duration: 1 Hours 48 Minutes Weather: Partly Sunny

8.53km - 5.30 Miles

Difficulty: Moderate
Braithwaite - Coledale - High Moss - Outerside - Low Moss - Braithwaite
The first view over the rooftops of Braithwaite towards Keswick and Clough Head.
Barrow, on the other side of Coledale. This end of Coledale is totally different from the other end - you'll see later.
Braithwaite with Skiddaw to the left, Blencathra in the centre and Great Mell Fell and Clough Head to the right.
The same view again but from slightly further along the path - still lovely and sunny!

The upper reaches of Coledale.

The view back towards Blencathra.
The very head of Coledale with the peaks of Outerside, Sail and Crag Hill surrounding the southern side.
All the recent rainfall made the waterfalls near Force Crag look pretty amazing!
Force Crag.
Force Crag Mine below Grisedale Pike.
Outerside summit cairn and view to Skiddaw.
A view over Barrow to Blencathra, Derwent Water and the Dodds.
A rather different view of Causey Pike, looking more like a grassy dome from here.
Outerside summit - now looking to Sail and Crag Hill.
A stunning view down to Braithwaite and Skiddaw.
Causey Pike looking a little more familiar from this angle.
Now descending back down the side of Stile End towards Braithwaite.
Causey Pike, Stile End and Outerside.
A final view over the rooftops of Braithwaite to Skiddaw.