A walk around Great Yarmouth to see the history of the town.


Date: 13th April 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 0m (0ft)
  Start Location: Great Yarmouth Highest Point: N/A
  Time Started: 10:20 Parking: Seafront
  Duration: 1 Hour Weather: Sunny

4.5km (2.80 Miles)

Difficulty: Easy
Great Yarmouth Heritage Walk
Great Yarmouth Seafront.
Nelsons Monument - It was closed today but you can pay to go to the top.
The ancient town wall dating back to the 12th Century. It is one of the most complete medieval town walls in the country!
The remains of the Friary just near the Quay.
Again this site was inaccessible but you could still see it through the fence.