A nice walk around Gillingham, Geldeston and Beccles.


Date: 21st April 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 120m (394ft)
  Start Location: Gillingham Highest Point: Geldeston Hall (24m/79ft)
  Time Started: 10:55 Parking: Gillingham Church
  Duration: 2 Hours 25 Minutes Weather: Sunny

11.3km (7.01 Miles)

Difficulty: Easy
Gillingham - Geldeston - Beccles - Gillingham
The remains of Gillingham Church - there are three churches all alongside each other on this stretch of road.
Geldeston Hall.
Geldeston Church.
The River Waveney at Beccles.
Beccles Staithe.
Open marshes around Gillingham.
The River Waveney upstream from Beccles.
The Waveney. Where that white house is, is where I turned off towards the hall on the left.
A rather old sunken boat on the Waveney.
Higher up on the field looking down on the Waveney and to Beccles.