Todays walk was going to a fairly long one but turned out even longer when I was approaching the end and had a sudden burst of energy and extended it by another 6km or so.


Date: 5th August 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 1356m (4449ft)
  Start Location: Bamford Highest Point: Win Hill (463m/1519ft)
  Time Started: 09:30 Parking: Roadside at Shatton
  Duration: 7 Hours 6 Minutes Weather: Cloudy

26.6km (16.52 Miles)

Difficulty: Difficult
Bamford - Bamford Mill - Derwent Valley Heritage Way - Ladybower Reservoir - Win Hill (463m/1519ft) - Thornhill - Shatton - Shatton Moor - Abney Moor (417m/1368ft) - Offerton Moor - River Derwent - Hathersage - North Lees - Bamford
The Wier at Bamford Mill and a sculpture showing the Mill and old railway.
Bamford Mill.
Shatton and Offerton Moor where I will be later on today.

The path to Win Hill.

Bamford Edge above the village of the same name.
One of the two overflow holes at Ladybower. I was hoping to see water flowing but the recent hot weather has prevented this.
Heather along the plateau around Win Hill. The summit is just behind me...
...See. Just a 5 minute walk to the top from here.
The trig column on Win Hill.
Two sections of Ladybower Reservoir and two summits of Crook Hill... They look really nice *added to the list of peaks I want to climb*
The path down in the direction of Bamford Edge - with Stanage Edge in the distance.
Now on the path down to Shatton. You can just make out the mast in the centre of the photo which is where I will be later.
The view back to Win Hill (on the left).
The same view from slightly higher up the hillside.
Castleton with the Mam Tor to Lose Hill ridge on the right.
This is the summit of Abney Moor as is an ancient tumulus - although almost completely hidden under the grass!
Dark skies to the east!
The rest of Abney Moor with a trig on the highest point over there somewhere!
Eyam Moor.
Will Hill and Bamford Edge.
Although distant, this photo shows a full length shot of Stanage Edge.
The stepping stones across the River Derwent.
More dark skies as I reached Hathersage - it was about 15 mins later that it rained for the first time today! And it was only for 5 minutes.
Higger Tor a few miles to the east.
Large sections of the road foundations had been exposed on my route back to Bamford!