A walk around the village of Clare in Suffolk to see the priory and castle ruins.


Date: 31st December 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 130m (427ft)
  Start Location: Clare Castle Highest Point: N/A
  Time Started: 11:15 Parking: Clare Castle
  Duration: 2 Hours 12 Minutes Weather: Cloudy, windy and raining

7.79km (4.84 Miles)

Difficulty: Easy
Claire Priory, Castle and Countryside

The church/chapel next to the Priory.

According to the board on the other side of the wall I should be standing in the Priory Church now.

The gable end of the chapel.

A reconstructed section of the castle wall.

Clare Church from the path up to the Castle ruins.

Although mostly reconstructed, it gives you a great idea of what it looked like 700+ years ago!

The old railway bridge near the priory.