A short walk through Pickamore Woods.


Date: 19th January 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 20m (65ft)
  Start Location: Potter Heigham Highest Point: Church (3m/10ft)
  Time Started: 13:00 Parking: Near the Church
  Duration: 2 Hours Weather: Cloudy

5.72km (3.55 Miles)

Difficulty: Easy
Potter Heigham - Pickamore Woods

A fair amount of snow around (for Norfolk!) as we walk through Pickamore Woods.

Snow and Holly.
Rush Hill - not a hill but infact a small lake...
Hickling Broad.
I think thats the mill at the end of Stubb Road in Hickling.
Thats Horsey Mill over there - owned by the National Trust.
Potter Heigham Church on the way back.