It was my intention to walk a bit further today than the 2 miles I actually did thanks to engineering work being carried out on parts of the reservoir meaning the circular permissive path around the water was mostly closed.


Date: 15th July 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 30m (98ft)
  Start Location: Cheddar Highest Point: Callow Hill (12m/39ft)
  Time Started: 12:55 Parking: Car Park by the Reservoir
  Duration: 46 Minutes Weather: Sunny - Hot

3.62km (2.25 Miles)

Difficulty: Easy
Cheddar Reservoir
Just before going to the car park I took this photo of some climbers sports climbing in Cheddar Gorge.
I don't know what grade it was but there were some tricky moves! Damn love to be doing that right now! Next week and I will be!
Cheddar Reservoir.
Cheddar Gorge from the reservoir - I was up there yesterday.
The reservoir and the Mendip Hills.
Very sunny around the reservoir today and with the cool breeze it was quite nice!