Enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze around Ingham.


Date: 28th July 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 20m (66ft)
  Start Location: Ingham Church Highest Point: Ingham (11m/36ft)
  Time Started: 11:00 Parking: By the church
  Duration: 2 Hours 3 Minutes Weather: Sunny - Warm Breeze

9.89km (6.14 Miles)

Difficulty: Easy
Ingham Priory (Rems of) - Lessingham - Ingham Corner
An old spiral staircase from the Priory that once stood here.
The side of the church which has been built into the ruins.
Rich golden barley fields.
A little fox walking along the path I took.
More barley fields in the sunshine.
Golden barley ready for harvest.
This is a photo of a Medieval Moated Site just north of Ingham. The moat was obvious all the way round (the darker depression to the right) and there was a raised platform where the trees are and also a narrow causeway which I was standing on. I am unable to find out what was built here because there has been no official excavation here only a survey which recorded it as a moat.