A little trip up to North Norfolk today as the weather was lovely and the terrain is a little steeper up that way!


Date: 2nd June 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 70m (230ft)
  Start Location: Sheringham Highest Point: Beeston Bump (63m/207ft)
  Time Started: 10:50 Parking: At the Train Station
  Duration: 1 Hour 21 Minutes Weather: Sunny

4.8km (2.98 Miles)

Difficulty: Easy
Sheringham - Beeston Bump (63m/207ft) - Beeston Priory (Rem's of) - Sheringham
The North Sea at Sheringham.
Our approach to Beeston Bump.
The view back down the path from where we came from and a view west down the coast almost as far as Blakeney Point.
The summit even has its own Trig Column... not a bad view from a hill only 63m high...
The view east along the coast.
A panorama from the top of Beeston Bump - Click to see larger version (1Mb)
Crossing the railway and heading for the ruined Priory.
The remains of Beeston Priory.
Lovely ruins - just imagine what it was like 800 years ago...
A Great Tit collecting food for its young.
A Speckled Wood Butterfly on the way back to Sheringham.