After coming up to the lakes the night before I had to do a fairly major walk today and I have wanted to do Striding Edge again for a while. Conditions were not too bad although the rock was a little wet. Shame about the lack of views for most of the walk!


Date: 19th May 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 1518m (4980ft)
  Start Location: Patterdale Highest Point: Helvellyn (950m/3118ft)
  Time Started: 10:30 Parking: Patterdale
  Duration: 6 Hours 3 Minutes Weather: Cool, Cloud Base 550m

18.8km (11.68 Miles)

Difficulty: Difficult
Patterdale - Hole in the Wall - Striding Edge - Helvellyn (950m/3118ft) - Nethermost Pike (891m/2923ft) - Dollywaggon Pike (858m/2815ft) - Grisedale Tarn - Deepdale Hause - St Sunday Crag (841m/2759ft) - Birks (622m/2041ft) - Trough Head - Arnison Crag (433m/1421ft) - Patterdale
Heading along Grisedale with my path up the side of Birkhouse Moor.
Grisedale with a thick layer of cloud above.
A little view back to Arnison Crag which is where I will be in a little while!

The upper reaches of Grisedale.

High Spying How - the start of Striding Edge.
Striding Edge.
Helvellyn summit cairn.
And the Trig Column on Helvellyn. There were quite a few people up here today.
There was nothing to see at all on the way to this point which is the summit of Nethermost Pike.
And again nothing to see until Dollywaggon Pike... I was hopeing that I might get some views today but this is a little disappointing...
A slightly damp lens taking a photo of Grisedale Tarn.
Oh look! The cloud has broken a little bit! This was taken on the way up to St Sunday Crag and is a view down Grisedale.
St Sunday Crag summit ahead.
Gavel Pike through the mist.
The summit cairn of St Sunday Crag. This is the second time I have been up here and had no view from the top...
But after a short descent I had a lovely view to Ullswater!
Ullswater and the path up to Birks.
St Sunday Crag to the left and Dollywaggon Pike to the right.
The far eastern fells from Birks.
Atmospheric cloud formations around Dollywaggon and Nethermost Pike.
Arnison Crag ahead! My route followed close to the wall down to Trough Head.
The stunning view of Ullswater and Great Mell Fell from Arnison Crag.
Arnison Crag summit and view.
The cloud has cleared most of the far eastern fells. Still some snow on the top of Caudale Moor.
A wider view from Arnison Crag.
Angletarn Pikes on the way down from Arnison Crag.