The start of two days in Wasdale before moving to the Northern Fells.


Date: 17th November 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 1155m (3789ft)
  Start Location: Wasdale Head Highest Point: Scafell Pike (978m/3210ft)
  Time Started: 08:57 Parking: National Trust Car Park - Wasdale Head
  Duration: 4 Hours 44 Minutes Weather: Cloudy - Light Rain at the top

10.4km (6.46 Miles)

Difficulty: Difficult
Wasdale Head - Lingmell (807m/2649ft) - Scafell Pike (978m/3210ft) - Hollow Stones - Wasdale Head

Lingmell Beck racing down to Wast Water.

The Wastwater Screes - I will be up there tomorrow!

A view down to Wast Water from higher up. Illgill Head to the left and Middle Fell and Buckbarrow to the right.

Pillar towering above Mosedale. Thats the Wasdale Head Inn down at the bottom of the photo.

A last photo of Wast Water. You can see how steep the ascent was from this angle. It was pretty tough going.

Atmospheric clouds around Sca Fell.

Goat Crag on Lingmell. Im heading around to the left.

From this photo you would get the impression that it might be clearing up but unfortunately not. As soon as I got to Lingmell Col it started to rain for the remained of the walk!

The tall cairn on top of Lingmell Crag.

The cairn on the summit of Lingmell.

The top of Piers Gill.

The Trig Column on top of Scafell Pike. As you can see - no views. On the way down was a bit of a shock... When I was up here I got pretty cold. The wind chill was subzero and it was raining which didnt help but thankfully I had the right clothing on... Unlike a few people then heading up. One was wearing a normal T-shirt and jeans and trainers carrying no gear (so presumably little/no water or food). I am naturally a very warm person and I sat at the top and had a bit of lunch (no more than about 5 minutes) and then had to get moving as I was getting very cold. Cant imagine what those people must have felt like at the top...

Still, none of this as bad as one of my descents from Ben Nevis...
"Excuse me, is there a shop up here to buy a drink?" - About 1/3 the way up to the top...
Girl walks past attempting to climb the mountain in Ugg Boots...

Am I getting too old before my time?