"How good it feels to be in Lakeland again..."


Date: 6th October 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 876m (2874ft)
  Start Location: Grange Highest Point: High Spy (653m/2142ft)
  Time Started: 09:40 Parking: Grange Bridge
  Duration: 3 Hours 56 Minutes Weather: Cloudy, Windy and Raining

13.0km (8.07 Miles)

Difficulty: Moderate
Grange - Manesty - Hause Gate - Catbells (451m/1480ft) - Hause Gate - Maiden Moor (576m/1890ft) - Narrow Moor - High Spy (653m/2142ft) - Tongue Gill - Allerdale Ramble - Grange
The River Derwent taken from the very start of the walk just by the two bridges at Grange in Borrowdale.
Colourful house at Manesty.
My path up to Hause Gate (the lower bit on the far right).

Over the tree tops to Derwent Water and Walla Crag. Bleaberry fell is just touching the cloud.

Derwent Water and Walla Crag.
After gaining some height the view opens out over Derwent Water.
A view into Borrowdale.
Blencathra - I dont think it ever came out of the cloud today!
This little fella was just below the summit of Catbells.
The view north from Catbells summit and the best view I had all day!
And now looking towards Robinson and you can see what I was going to be walking towards...
A view down the ridge to Skelgill Bank and Skiddaw.
A last view of Derwent Water sa I gained more height and entered the cloud.
Just below the clouds and you can make out the ridge Im following over Narrow Moor to High Spy. The cairn marks the summit of Maiden Moor.
A quick photo of the cairn on High Spy during the heavy rain.
The path between High Scawdell and Castle Crag.