A steep walk up to Carrock Fell and then onto High Pike.


Date: 7th October 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 652m (2139ft)
  Start Location: Apronful of Stones Highest Point: Carrock Fell (662m/2172ft)
  Time Started: 10:17 Parking: Apronful of Stones
  Duration: 3 Hours 38 Minutes Weather: Cloudy and Very Windy

10.7km (6.65 Miles)

Difficulty: Moderate
Black Moss - Further Gill Sike - Carrock Fell (662m/2172ft) - Round Knott - Miton Hill - High Pike (658m/2159ft) - Carrock Beck - Black Moss
A view over the bracken to Naddles Crags.
Great Mell Fell with a thick layer of cloud above.
The stones marking the edge of the Iron Age Fort atop of Carrock Fell.

Carrock Fell summit cairn. It was blowing a hooley up here!

A break in the cloud with a little view north.
Skiddaw and Blencathra would be over that way somewhere.
Round Knott summit.
Mitton Hill summit cairn with High Pike ahead.
High Pike summit.
Brae Fell over to the left and a view down to Uldale.
Carrock Beck and my route down.
Remains of the mining that took place here years ago.