This is a walk I have wanted to do for a while and its been almost 5 years since I was last up Low Pike and High Pike and Red Screes so it was about time!


Date: 8th October 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 1223m (4012ft)
  Start Location: Ambleside Highest Point: Dove Crag (792m/2598ft)
  Time Started: 09:48 Parking: Under Loughrigg
  Duration: 5 Hours 27 Minutes Weather: Mostly Cloudy

17.2km (10.68 Miles)

Difficulty: Difficult
Ambleside - Low Sweden Bridge - Low Pike (508m/1667ft) - High Pike (656m/2152ft) - Dove Crag (792m/2598ft) - Bakestones Moss - Little Hart Crag (637m/2090ft) - Scandale Pass - Red Screes (776m/2545ft) - Snarker Moss - Kirkstone Road - Ambleside
The Bridge House - Ambleside.
Scandale Beck by Low Sweden Bridge.
A rather rainy scene over Loughrigg Fell and the Langdale Pikes.

Little Hart Crag - I will be there later today.

Pike O'Blisco.
Bowfell in the cloud and the Langdale Pikes on the right.
Scandale and Red Screes.
Time to put the camera away and get scrambling - it is only short this section but nice and exciting!
Low Pike summit cairn.
The view south from Low Pike.
And a view in the opposite direction to the head of Scandale.
High Pike - the next stop.
The Looooonnng Wall...
Little Hart Crag on the left and the far eastern fells beyond.
High Pike summit.
This time looking to the far eastern fells.
Hart Crag summit in sunshine.
Now on my way down to Little Hart Crag and Scandale Pass.
Froswick and Ill Bell.
Some of the far eastern fells including High Raise, Rampsgill Head and Kidsty Pike.
Glorious sunshine on the way down to Little Hart Crag - if only the whole day were like this!
Better make the most of the sunshine!...
...And take lots of pictures!
My path down to Little Hart Crag.
Dove Crag.
Scandale Tarn and Scandale from Little Hart Crag.
Little Hart Crag summit cairn.
Little Hart Crag from Scandale Pass.
Red Screes summit trig and shelter.
The Trig Col and the best view from the fell top looking north.
Windermere from Red Screes.
Clear enough today to see Blackpool Tower.
Wansfell and Windermere from my descent.
I heard this beast of a Helicopter minutes before seeing it and my god did it make a thumping noise!
Last shot of Ambleside and the spire on the church.