A walk to Helm Crag and Gibson Knott with my friend Emily.


Date: 11th October 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 573m (1880ft)
  Start Location: Grasmere Highest Point: Gibson Knott (420m/1378ft)
  Time Started: 09:48 Parking: Roadside - A591
  Duration: 3 Hours 50 Minutes Weather: Mostly Cloudy

9.65km (5.99 Miles)

Difficulty: Moderate
A591 - Helmside - Greenburn - Bracken Hause - Helm Crag (405m/1328ft) - Gibson Knott (420m/1378ft) - Bracken Hause - Easedale Beck - Grasmere - A591
Emily (and Islay) crossing the stepping stones.
A view up Greenburn.
And again but from higher up the opposite fellside.

Gibson Knott from Helm Crag. Thats Far Easedale to the left.

The Howitzer - yes I went to the top and it was much easier than I remember.
Gibson Knott summit cairn looking to Easedale Tarn and Tarn Crag.
This time looking to Calf Crag and Ullscarf.
Far Easedale and Tarn Crag.