A nice walk from Acle to Upton Dyke.


Date: 24th September 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 60m (197ft)
  Start Location: Acle Rec Highest Point: Burlingham Lodge Farm (22m/72ft)
  Time Started: 12:15 Parking: At the Rec (Free)
  Duration: 2 Hours 30 Minutes Weather: Cloudy

12.5km (7.76 Miles)

Difficulty: Easy
Acle - Fishley - Upton Dyke - Upton - Burlingham Woodland Walk - Acle
Crossing the fields towards Fishley Church.
Fishley Church is completely on its own with no other buildings around for a mile or so.
Grouse down a private road.
Upton Church across the field.
A view down to the River Bure - you can see some boats over to the right.
Acle Church just before getting back to the car.