After finishing what I had to do in Worcester I headed back to Great Malvern and had a lovely walk up Worcestershire Beacon - the highest point in the Malvern Hills.


Date: 9th April 2014 Ascent (m/ft): 595m (1952ft)
  Start Location: Roadside at Great Malvern Highest Point: Worcestershire Beacon (425m/1394ft)
  Time Started: 16:55 Parking: Car Parks all round the Malvern Hills
  Duration: 3 Hours 4 Minutes Weather: Partly Sunny

8.45km (5.25 Miles)

Difficulty: Easy
Great Malvern - End Hill (329m/1079ft) - Table Hill (373m/1224ft) - North Hill (397m/1302ft) - Sugarloaf Hill (368m/1207ft) - Worcestershire Beacon (425m/1394ft) - Summer Hill (382m/1253ft) - Great Malvern

The summit of End Hill looking north.

In the opposite direction you can see Table Hill on the right and North Hill on the left.

The hill on the right is Sugar Loaf in Wales at 35 Miles away.

The summit of Table Hill.

Worcestershire Beacon.

Herefordshire Beacon - where I was yesterday.

The top of North Hill (the second highest in the Malvern Hills).

Sugarloaf Hill looking to Table Hill and North Hill.

The top of Worcestershire Beacon and the Malvern Hills.

The view north.

The summit of the Malvern Hills.

The top of Summer Hill looking south.