A walk in the sunshine from Watendlath to Great Crag.


Date: 24th April 2014 Ascent (m/ft): 280m (919ft)
  Start Location: Watendlath Highest Point: Great Crag (440m/1444ft)
  Time Started: 13:50 Parking: National Trust Car Park - Watendlath
  Duration: 2 Hours 4 Minutes Weather: Mostly Sunny

4.86km (3.02 Miles)

Difficulty: Easy
Watendlath - Great Crag (440m/1444ft) - Watendlath

All is calm down at Watendlath Tarn.

Reflections in the tarn.

This was taken about a mile into the walk showing the view over to Puddingstone Bank and Grange Fell.

The summit cairn on Great Crag.

Looking across to the other cairn - I couldn't work out which was higher so went to both.

Great Gable and Base Brown high above Seathwaite.

Pillar looking huge above Honister Mine.

Eagle Crag and Sergeants Crag in the foreground with High Raise to the left and the little rocky summit to the far right is Pike O'Stickle.

Mighty Bowfell with the Great Slab catching some sunshine.

High Tove above Watendlath.

Great Crag cairn and Pike O'Stickle. The fels in the background are Swirl How, Great Carrs and Pike O'Blisco.

Both Cairns in view.

A bit of cloud now building up to the north west. Skiddaw is under cloud.

Dale Head and High Spy.

The summit of Grange Fell is over there.

Watendlath Tarn.

The old packhorse bridge at Watendlath.