A short walk around Happisburgh followed by a trip to Irstead and a walk along the Boardwalk.
Date: 10th January 2014 Distance: 4.2km (2.61 Miles) Parking: Happisburgh Church
Start Location: Happisburgh Ascent (m/ft): 40m (131ft) Weather:

Sunny, 6°C

Time Started: 12:40 Highest Point: N/A Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 Hour 50 Minutes    
Route: Happisburgh & Irstead Boardwalk

Severe erosion at Happisburgh. Those blocks are where the steps used to lead down from the cliffs to the beach.
I would say in some places at least 5 metres has been eroded from the recent storm surge.

Happisburgh Lighthouse.

Happisburgh Church.

Beautiful flare in the sky on the way to Irstead.

Irstead Boardwalk.

The view over Barton Broad.