I was over here in Worcestershire for just a couple of days and thought it a good opportunity to go for a walk.


Date: 3rd July 2014 Ascent (m/ft): 1142m (3747ft)
  Start Location: A449 Highest Point: Worcestershire Beacon(425m/1394ft)
  Time Started: 01:45 Parking: Laybe close to top of Pass
  Duration: Overnight Wildcamp Weather: Sunny

14.9km (9.25 Miles)

Difficulty: Difficult
A449 - Herefordshire Beacon (338m/1109ft) - Black Hill South Top (270m/886ft) - Black Hill North Top (308m/1011ft) - Pinnacle Hill (358m/1174ft) - Jubilee Hill (327m/1073ft) - Perseverance Hill (325m/1066ft) - Upper Wyche - Summer Hill (382m/1253ft) - Worcestershire Beacon (425m/1394ft) - Summer Hill Quarry - Lower Wyche - Upper Wyche - B4232 - A449

Perfect place for a wildcamp - inside an Iron Age Fort ditch.

An early view north along the Malvern Hills. Our main target today was Worcestershire Beacon - the highest of the Malvern Hills and the pointed peak in the distance.

Early morning sunshine over Herefordshire.

The ditches of the Iron Age Fort.

After a little bit of walking there is a view of Herefordshire Beacon.

It was hot work getting up here - as expected for July! Still a few miles to the top.

Worcestershire Beacon ahead. A clear target to aim for.

A view back along the Malvern Hills.

North from the top of Worcestershire Beacon.

North West from the top.

The monument at the summit.

Stunning reflections from the lake in the old quarry.