A lovely little walk to Scale Force.


Date: 12th September 2014 Ascent (m/ft): 496m (1627ft)
  Start Location: Armboth Highest Point: High Tove (515m/1690ft)
  Time Started: 12:45 Parking: Car Park at Armboth
  Duration: 1 Hour 47 Minutes Weather: Cloudy, Hazy

7.09km (4.4 Miles)

Difficulty: Easy
Armboth - Fisher Gill - High Tove (515m/1690ft) - Middle Crags (484m/1588ft) - Armboth Fell (479m/1752ft) - Fisher Crag (421m/1381ft) - Fishercrag Plantation - Armboth

I spot you in the trees Mr Squirrel!

The view starts to open up the higher you go as you leave the woodlands. This view is across Thirlmere to the Dodds and Raise.

High Tove summit in sight.

A close up reveals other walkers in the area.

High Seat.

High Seat from High Tove.

South from High Tove. All hazy today.

Fisher Crag.

High Tove Summit.

And again with High Seat behind.

Middle Crag.

The summit view south towards Shivery Knott.

And north towards High Seat and High Tove.

Walkers on Armboth Fell.

And just like magic - Armboth Fell summit. Sometimes there is a cairn on here and sometimes not.

And the top again - this time with High Tove behind.

Fisher Crag Summit Cairn.

Helvellyn and Thirlmere from Fisher Crag.

The view north from Fisher Crag to Raven Crag.