A nice walk from Lavenham to Alpheton.
Date: 5th August 2015 Distance: 12.0km (7.45 Miles) Parking: Public Car Park Opposite Church
Start Location: Lavenham Church Ascent (m/ft): 122m (400ft) Weather:

Mostly Cloudy

Time Started: 13:30 Highest Point: N/A Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 2 Hours 54 Minutes    
Route: Lavenham - Old Railway Line - Melford Park Farm - Alpheton - St Edmunds Way - Lavenham

Lavenham Church.

Quiet little cottage in the middle of open fields.

Possible old World War 2 Airfield buildings?

Old Mill.

The old Railway Line.

The Guildhall - Owned and maintained by the National Trust.
The Old Wool Mill