A short walk around the Suffolk village of Cavendish.
Date: 5th February 2015 Distance: 8.31km (5.16 Miles) Parking: Roadside at Church  
Start Location: Cavendish Church Ascent (m/ft): 60m (197ft) Weather:


Time Started: 09:45 Highest Point: N/A Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 2 Hours 7 Minutes        
Route: Cavendish - Cavendish Mill - River Stour - Pentlow Mill - Stour Valley Path - Ducks Hall - Cavendish

Snowdrops coming up in the woods.

Small pond near Cavendish Mill close to the River Stour.

The River Stour at Cavendish Mill.

Pentlow Mill.

Another shot of Pentlow Mill from the road.

Lovely rolling Suffolk countryside around Cavendish.

Countryside around Ducks Hall.