Todays weather was nothing like the last few days. Low cloud and drizzle most of the day. This walk was about 4 years in the planning as we wanted to arrange family to be off work to come with us!
Date: 16th October 2015 Distance: 9.01km (5.60 Miles) Parking: Layby along A591
Start Location: A591 - Grasmere Ascent (m/ft): 626m (2054ft) Weather:

Cloudy, 14°C

Time Started: 10:30 Highest Point: Helm Crag (405m/1329ft) Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 5 Hours 8 Minutes    
Route: A591 - Butharlyp Howe - Easedale Road - Easedale - Helm Crag (405m/1329ft) - Easedale - Easedale Road - Grasmere - A591

Helm Crag as seen from the Layby along the A591. The Lion from the Lion and the Lamb can be seen from here.

Lots of low cloud about shrouding the surrounding higher fells.

The front of Helm Crag.

Codale Head and Tarn Crag. Easedale Tarn is just up there.

Lovely little Herdies on the path.

Silver How across the valley.

Loughrigg Fell coming into view.

Autumn colours starting to come through.
Loughrigg Fell and Grasmere (Lake).
Silve How and the ridge leading to Blea Rigg up to the right.
Loughrigg Fell and Silver How.
The path up to Easedale Tarn clearly seen from here.
A full view along the whole of Easedale.
Loads of sheep coming in from Easedale.
Calf Crag.
Gibson Knott.
You can just make out Easedale Tarn from here.
A view down to the Vale of Grasmere.
And round to the left towards Dunmail Raise. The crags are quite amazing from this angle.
Loughrigg Fell and Grasmere.
The Coniston Fells.
The Lion and the Lamb.
The view across the top of Helm Crag to the Howitzer. Thats the true top of Helm Crag over there... and its bigger than it looks.
The Lamb and the Lion.
The Howitzer.
Sharp jagged rocks jutting up into the sky.
A little section of Grasmere from the top.
Sourmilk Gill.
Loughrigg Fell from the descent.
And this beautiful little mouse was just sitting on the path munching away at a worm. It was so cute and unaffraid and let us get so close.
Stone Arthur now out of the cloud.
Allan Bank.
Helm Crag.
Arn't you all so cute!