A lovely walk taking in both castles at Corfe and two spectacular viewpoints!
Date: 3rd September 2015 Distance: 10.6km (6.58 Miles) Parking: National Trust Car Park
Start Location: Corfe Castle Ascent (m/ft): 514m (1686ft) Weather:

Mostly Cloudy, 16°C

Time Started: 08:45 Highest Point: Knowle Hill (147m/482ft) Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 3 Hours 37 Minutes    
Route: Corfe Castle - West Hill (120m/394ft) - Knowle Hill (147m/482ft) - Church Knowle - Corfe Common - Corfe Castle

The start of todays walk took us up a permissive path onto the ridge running east to west towards Knowle Hill. The views of Corfe Castle were absolutely amazing.

The earthworks from the seconds Castle at Corfe.

The spectacular ruins of Corfe Castle.

And this time showing the ridge and the village of Corfe.

An ancient tumulus on top of West Hill, 103m above sea level.

A view along to the actual summit of West Hill and Knowle Hill beyond.

The trig point at 120m above sea level on West Hill.
The unmarked summit of Knowle Hill at 147m.
Poole Harbour with Brownsea Island over to the right. Thats our campsite down there to the right too!
The church at Church Knowle.
Corfe Castle through the trees.
And the earthworks of Corfe second castle.
A short detour to the earthworks. Its a simple motte and bailey castle built to assault the stone castle close by.

Corfe Castle.

The hill on the other side of the castle was the one we first climbed today and we could see people up on the other side (where we are now) and wanted to see the castle ruins from this angle. Its a short steep ascent but worth the effort!
The grassy summit of East Hill (Challow Hill) at 103m above sea level. The actual top is right behind me but some people were sitting on the tumulus and I didnt want to photograph them!
Bournemouth past Sandbanks.
Another view of the castle from East Hill.
And lastly a lovely waterfall in the village.