A three day trip to the Peak District Rock Climbing.
Date: 3th - 10th September 2015 Leads: 5 Parking: Stanage Popular End Car Park
Location: Stanage Edge Seconds: 4 Weather:

Cloudy and Sunny, 15°C

Campsite: North Lees Campsite Solos: 0 Grades: Difficult - Severe
Duration: 3 Days    
Route: Rock Climbing in the Peak District National Park (Stanage Edge)

Day 1 and after setting up camp at North Lees we headed up to Stanage to get a few warm up routes in. The weather was dull but still offered some great views.

Very hazy today, you can just make out Whin Hill to the right.

Nice easy routes to start off with.

The haze is clearing a little bit. The midgies came in force and we had to head back before getting eaten alive.

Day 2 and the weather has cleared up quite a bit. The forecast was for a few passing showers which barely hit us - we were lucky!

I simply love it here. Just spectacular in weather like this!
A view over to Castleton.

Black Hawk Traverse Right.

And Black Hawk Traverse Left. Nick was leading this route and managed a good 2-3metre fall!
Spectacular sunet this evening.
Day 3 and the sun was predicted to be out all day and the flies came out too - you can see quite a few in the photo!

Black Hawk Hell Crack - Severe.
And here are a couple of shots of Stanage Edge just before we had to leave.
Hope Valley.