A walk around West Stow Country Park and the Lark Valley.
Date: 3rd April 2016 Distance: 10.86km (6.74 Miles) Parking: Car Park Ramparts Field
Start Location: Ramparts Field - West Stow Ascent (m/ft): 88m (289ft) Weather:


Time Started: 12:30 Highest Point: N/A Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 2 Hours 8 Minutes        
Route: West Stow - West Stow Country Park - River Lark - West Stow Heath

Ancient flooded woodland at West Stow.

One of the lakes at West Stow Country Park.

The reconstructed Anglo Saxon village at West Stow Country Park.

An old pump house along the River Lark.

A beautiful old house along the road back to West Stow. The building on the right used to be the gatehouse.