A walk around Assington to see Assington Hall.
Date: 11th April 2016 Distance: 8.59km (5.34 Miles) Parking: Village Hall
Start Location: Assington Ascent (m/ft): 31m (102ft) Weather:


Time Started: 10:00 Highest Point: Severals Farm (71m/233ft) Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 Hour 42 Minutes        
Route: Assington - St Edmunds Church - East Farm - Severals Farm (71m/233ft) - Assington

Bluebells out in force today making eveything look beautiful.

Daffodils still in strong bloom at Assington Park.

Assington Church of St Edmund as I cross Assington Park.

All that I managed to see of Assington Hall. The towers are part of the old wing that remains after a fire that destroyed the building in 1957. The hall was of 16th Century Red Brick but what remains is around 19th Century.

Assington Church of St Edmund.

The Trig Point near Severals Farm. It is just off the path and marks 71m above sea level.