A short walk around Hadleigh in Suffolk to see the Deanery Tower and other historical interests.
Date: 20th December 2016 Distance: 5.43km (3.37 Miles) Parking: Roadside in Hadleigh
Start Location: Hadleigh Ascent (m/ft): 98m (322ft) Weather:


Time Started: 11:20 Highest Point: N/A Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 Hour 5 Minutes        
Route: Hadleigh - Holbecks - Constitution Hill - Sun Court - High Street - Deanery Tower - Guildhall - Toppesfield Bridge

A view up to a nearby pillbox from the start of the walk.

Footpath to Hadleigh.

Part of the old bridge in Hadleigh.

One of the many old buildings in the town.

Sun Court.

Hadleigh Church.

The Deanery Tower built in 1495.

Ancient archways.

A beautiful tower.

The old Guildhall.

The church and Deanery Tower.

Toppesfield Bridge.