A nice long walk (mostly in the cloud) around the Loweswater Fells.
Date: 27th January 2016 Distance: 17.0km (10.56 Miles) Parking: Car Park just off Main Road
Start Location: Fangs Brow Ascent (m/ft): 882m (2894ft) Weather:

Cloudy, Light Rain Base around 450m, 6°C

Time Started: 11:13 Highest Point: Blake Fell (573m/1880ft) Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 4 Hours 30 Minutes    
Route: Nr Fangs Brow Farm - Owsen Fell (409m/1342ft) - Burnbank Fell (475m/1558ft) - Carling Knott (544m/1785ft) - Loweswater End of Carling Knott (519m/1703ft) - Carling Knott (544m/1785ft) - Sharp Knott (482m/1581ft) - Blake Fell (573m/1880ft) - Gavel Fell (526m/1726ft) - High Nook on Gavel Fell (488m/1601ft) - Highnook Tarn - Loweswater Terrace Path - Holme Beck - Nr Fangs Brow Farm

A could of small sections of Loweswater (and Crummock Water) below Darling Fell and Low Fell.

Darling Fell and Low Fell. The farm down there is Miresyke.

The summit cairn on Owsen Fell. For the last 20 minutes or so it had been raining and as I reached the summit the clouds broke for a superb view.

Mockerkin Tarn and the Cumbrian Coast.

The path up to Burnbank Fell. The cloud creeping back in.

Knock Murton touching the cloud base.

Burnbank Fell summit cairn.

The old fence post on Burnbank Fell.
The summit cairn on Carling Knott. Two walkers in the cairn were the only other walkers I saw today.
The lower cairn on Loweswater End of Carling Knott. Shame no views from here. Time to head across to Sharp Knott.
Sharp Knott ahead.
The summit shelter on Sharp Knott.
Another shelter on Sharp Knott.
Still no views as I stand on Blake Fell summit.

Lots of old boundary posts along the fence line.
Gavel Fell summit cairn.
And looking the other way. Hopefully will have some views soon!
The meandering path leading to High Nook.
... and the summit cairn on High Nook.
A break in the clouds.
Gavel Fell now clear of cloud.
And finally some more lovely views. This time towards Lorton Vale.
Steep slopes of High Nook.
Fantastic views down to High Nook Tarn.
High Nook Tarn... Time to head down there and have a proper look.

Nearby waterfalls below Carling Knott. (is it Carling Beck? Its unnamed on OS map)
Down the steep section and now on the level for a bit.

Waterfalls at Highnook Beck.
Highnook Tarn.
The route back took me along the terrace path high above Loweswater and these are the views you are treated to.
Darling and Low Fell across Loweswater.
Crummock Water and a cloudy Grasmoor.
Seeing as I havn't eaten anything yet on the walk, what better place to take a few minutes to enjoy the view and fuel up!