The first day of the Coast to Coast and it turns out to be one of the hottest days of the year so far with almost no wind but the start was enjoyable.  
Date: 9th June 2016 Distance: 24.2km (15.0 Miles) Parking: Beach Car Park
Start Location: Se Bee's Head Ascent (m/ft): 1049m (3442ft) Weather:


Time Started: 09:05 Highest Point: Dent (352m/1155ft) Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 6 Hours 1 Munite        
Route: St Bees Head - Sandwith - Demesne - Stanley Pond - Moor Row - Cleator - Dent (352m/1155ft) - Nannycatch Gate - Nannycatch Beck - Kinniside Stone Circle - Ennerdale Bridge

The monument at the start of the Coast to Coast showing the route, recommended stop off points and some information.

The southern tip of St Bees Head. I'm just on my way down to the sea to do the 'dipping of the toes' moment and to select my pebble. The first part of the walk takes me over the cliffs along the path you can see.

A view back from the cliff top in the last photo showing the large beach at St Bees and that the tide is all the way out!

St Beeds and a unsightly view of many caravans.

Higher up (at almost 100m above the sea now) I look back to Se Bees. No distant view today!

Views of the cliffs around St Bees Head. This section along the cliff edge was fantastic walking, with thousands of sea birds on the cliffs and water... it was a shame about the cows though!

A plaque showing what I could be looking at if the air was clearer!

This is just behind the plaque which I am guessing are the remains of a War structure.

A small valley at Felswick which takes you back down to sea level briefly with an option to head down to the sea itself.

The small valley,. It was here I saw some Pied Wagtails and a Stoat.

A view over Felswick Beach.

Amazing views down to the sea below.

One of the huge seabird colonies. Home to thousands of Guillimots, Razorbills and Fulmars.

A wider shot showing the sea too.

A Herring Gull just next to the path.

Another view of one of the large colonies.

If you stick to the coastal path then this is the best view you get of the lighthouse when close by which is a little disappointing but its not a long detour!

I am now round on the north side of St Bees Head and the sun is really pushing through the clouds now and its starting to heat up!

The cliffs of St Bees Head (north side) with Whiteheaven in the distance.

I believe this is a Guillimot Egg which was next to the path.

Whitehaven and its harbour wall.

A view west along the cliffs where I have just been.

And north where I am unfortunately not going as I turn inland just near here.

A final breathtaking view along the dramatic coastline to Whitehaven.

Well, Im not going that way but I can see how far I have walked so far and im still on the west coast!

About 20 minutes walking inland I had a great view across the plains of West Cumbria to Dent where I will be in a few hours.


Dent still looking distant.

A view back to Stanley (the hill).

Entering Moor Row.

Distance walked and distance to go.

The old railway line which is an alternative route for the coast to coast which I will follow.

Dent not far ahead now!

Dent as seen from Cleator.

The river passing through Cleator with Dent behind.

A ruined building next to the coast to coast path, I like the archway.

Out of the woods and ascending up to the summit of Dent.

The main cairn on Dent (although this is not on the actual top, this being a few hundred metres south east of here).

A lovely view although unfortunately not very clear today from Dent. I must say it was very hot work getting up here!

The lakeland fells disappearing into the haze.

Flat Fell.

A view back to Dent.

The path which gets ever steeper down into Nannycatch - a valley I have never been to before!

A panorama of Blakey Raise, Burn Edge and Swarth Fell behind Nannycatch. Click to see larger version.

Another panorama from further down into Nannycatch.

A view up the path I will be taking through the bottom of Nannycatch.

Raven Crag on the side of Nannycatch.

Nannycatch Gate.

A view back down Nannycatch.

Kinniside Stone Circle on the slopes of Blakeley Raise.

Still no distant views, but you can make out Great Borne above Ennerdale Water.

Views of Great Borne, Starling Dodd and Red Pike from the path down to Ennerdale Bridge and the end of Day 1.