My first walk in the Yorkshire Moors National Park was a short route over Hasty Bank to the Wainstones and back.
Date: 18th June 2016 Distance: 3.89km (2.42 Miles) Parking: Roadside at Clay Bank Top
Start Location: Clay Bank Top Ascent (m/ft): 215m (705ft) Weather:

Mostly Cloudy

Time Started: 12:00 Highest Point: Hasty Bank (398m/1306ft) Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 2 Hours 7 Minutes        
Route: Clay Bank Top - Hasty Bank (398m/1306ft) - The Wainstones - Hasty Bank (398m/1306ft) - Clay Bank Top

Carr Ridge on the other side of Clay Bank Top with the Coast to Coast heading over that way. I had already prebooked accomodation here in the Yorkshire Moors for the Coast to Coast and have only in the last day or two started to get over my chest infection so rather than waste the booking I took a little trip here to see what I missed out on!

Carr Ridge again from higher up Hasty Bank.

Posing with a great view behind.

Roseberry Topping distant to the north. We had planned a short walk up there later today.

A panoramic shot from Hasty Bank looking north east. Click for larger version.

The steep north face of Hasty Bank.

A north facing panorama from Hasty Bank looking towards Roseberry Topping. Click for larger version.

The constructed path across the top. No chance of getting lost!

The top of the Wainstones, doesn't look much from here but below is spectacular. The hill behind is Broughton Bank.

Tall pinnacles around the Wainstones.

Lots of rock climbing to be had here!

Such a fantastic place to explore.

The Wainstones.

Wainstones panorama. Click for larger version.

Roseberry Topping.

Sunshine on Hasty Bank.

The view south over the Moors from Hasty Bank.

A panorama of Carr Ridge leading up onto Urra Moor in the sunshine. Click for larger version.

Carr Ridge and Urra Moor.