In preparation for the Coast to Coast walk I have planned out some longer walks to try and get a bit fitter. This was the first major walk in a while at almost 20 miles.
Date: 4th May 2016 Distance: 30.49km (18.93 Miles) Parking: Nowton Park
Start Location: Nowton Park Ascent (m/ft): 290m (951ft) Weather:


Time Started: 08:17 Highest Point: Near Poslingford (113m/371ft) Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 5 Hours 59 Minutes        
Route: Nowton Park - Hawstead Lodge - Pinford End - Mickley Green - Stonecross Green - Brockley Hall - Somerton - Thurston Hall - Stansfield Hall - Upper Street - Kings Wood - Clare - Clare Country Park

If I didn't already know how far it was to Clare from Bury St Edmunds then I do now! Its a long way!

Acres and acres of Rape Seed making a large portion of the walk bright yellow.

A beautiful scene.

A lone tree in an ocean of yellow.

About a mile or two into the walk and you pass an old Trig Point at about 83m above sea level.

The view from the Trig Point - although not the highest point on todays walk.

Beautiful houses along the route.

A view down to Brockley Church.

The only photo I managed to capture of Deer in the nearby field, there were actually about 20 jumping through the Rape Seed.

Somerton Church.

An amazing water pump at Somerton - although not working today - It did last time I visited...

Gentle rolling hills around Somerton.

Following the route to Clare.

Gentle hills and a field of cows - thank god I didn't have to walk through the field!

An old mill at Stansfield.

Not far to go now.

The old railway station at Clare Country Park.

One of the Bailey Walls or Clare Castle.

The reconstructed section of Clare Catle on top of an ancient Motte.

And lastly the view of Clare from the Castle Motte.