My first long walk in the Yorkshire Dales and to main target for today was Gordale Scar and Malham Tarn with a few other sights in there too!
Date: 9th May 2016 Distance: 17.14km (10.64 Miles) Parking: Car Park at Visitor Centre
Start Location: Malham Ascent (m/ft): 575m (1886ft) Weather:

Sunny, 21°C, Light Winds

Time Started: 10:15 Highest Point: Malham Tarn House (400m/1312ft) Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 5 Hours 47 Minutes        
Route: Malham - Janet's Foss - Gordale Scar - New Close - Malham Tarn - Malham Tarn House - Tarn Moss - High Trenhouse - Low Trenhouse - Pennine Way - Comb Hill - Ing Scar - Malham Cove - Malham

A great pub in the middle of Malham village. We ate here one evening and it was excellent.

Rolling farmland south of Malham as we make our way round to Janet's Foss.

Kirkby Fell and Rye Loaf Hill.

I think this is Great Knott.

A view round to Gordale Scar but first we head down to Janets Foss Waterfall.

Janets Foss.

A beautiful waterfall with a couple of small caves nearby and lots of Dippers about.

Janets Cave.
Another small cave behind the waterfall.

Janets Foss and Cave.

Walking into Gordale Scar.

A dramatic entrance but nothing prepares you for the amazing rocky gorge to come.

Just round the corner...

... is this utterly breathtaking gorge.

A lovely waterfall down the middle too and some light scrambling.

Worn rock shows the way up.
Another lovely waterfall just above the lower one.


After you leave the second waterfall the path heads up the side of the gorge for more open views.

A view back to the Scar.

And ahead upriver.

A large cairn just off the path along this plateau.

A panorama of Great Close Hill.

Great Close Hill.

And Great Close Scar.

Great Close Scar from much closer. A lovely dramatic scene.

The Pennine Way passing Great Close Scar.

Malham Tarn Panorama.

Another Panorama from near Malham Tarn House.

A distant view towards Fountains Fell.

Back on the Pennine Way as we make our way towards Malham Cove.

Following the bottom of the valley past Dean Moor Hill.

A small cave on the opposite side - time to have a look!

All dark and damp but refreashingly cool.

Towering rocks above the path.

The final section of the Pennine Way to Malham Cove.

A view back to Dean Moor Hill.

The top of Malham Cove.
Spectacular limestone pavement on top of Malham Cove.

A Panoramic photo from the top of Malham Cove. Click to see larger version (1Mb).

Stunning Malham Cove.

An imposing scene of absolute beauty.

A rather strange panorama from underneath Malham Cove looking out.

Climbers enjoying the Limestone.

A final look back to Malham Cove as we finish the walk.