A few hours spent at Janet's Foss and Gordale Scar exploring all of the caves and waterfalls.
Date: 11th May 2016 Distance: 1.95km (1.21 Miles) Parking: Car Park at Malham
Start Location: Road near Janet's Foss Ascent (m/ft): 65m (213ft) Weather:


Time Started: 08:15 Highest Point: N/A Difficulty: Easy
Duration: About 1.5 Hours        
Route: A short stroll to Janet's Foss Waterfall and Gordale Scar

Janet's Foss.

A beautiful waterfall. We stayed here a short while watching the Dippers before heading over to Gordale Scar.

The entrance to Gordale Scar.

A 360 Panorama from the entrance of Gordale Scar. Click to see larger version.

Another 360 Panorama from further inside the scar. Click for larger version.

A panoramic shot from inside Gordale Scar. Click for larger version.

A final 360 Panorama from deep inside the scar. Click for larger version.

A spectacular place to visit and explore.

Not as difficult as you might think. There are lots of hand and foot holds.

A small cave along the gorge.

A view back down the scar.

Looking into one of the caves along the stream.

The top waterfall is lovely as it spills through a gap in the rocks.

A view to Gordale Scar from behind the waterfall.